Abstract Art - Abstract Art Gallery

I've chosen a selection of extreme abstract art from my collection for this gallery. All my art work is of course abstract by it's very nature, but this still covers a wide selection of different genres within that term. Which one do you like best in this gallery?

How to View Abstract Art

Relax and let the pictures within the abstract come to you, whatever your going to see, it's always going to be from your own view point no one else's. This is what makes Abstract Art so much fun, and you won't always see the same pictures each time, there is always something new to discover.

If you never imagined being able to look at art and get more enjoyment from it each time, now is your chance to do so.

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Abstract Art - Star Life Thumbnail. Abstract Art - Star Life


On Black Paper in Bronze and Silver Gel Ink



Abstract Art - Sparkly Worm Thumbnail.

Abstract Art - Sparkly Worm

Price: 24.00

On Black Paper in Pink, Gold Gel Ink



Abstract Art - Horse Jumper Thumbnail.

Abstract Art - Horse Jumper

Price: 20.00

On White Paper in Blue and Silver Gel Ink