Unique Gifts - Unique Abstract Art Gifts

When it comes to giving a unique gift there cannot be anything more personal than owning a piece of original Abstract Art.

If you wish me to write a message to the receiver or yourself, please state this at the point of sale in PayPal, if you wish to go into detail either before you buy a picture or after the purchase please feel free to email me.

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Unique Gifts - Undersea Flower Thumbnail.


Unique Gifts -Undersea Flower

Price: 20.00

On Black Paper in Bronze & Silver Gel Ink





Unique Gifts - Underwater Town Thumbnail.


Unique Gifts - Underwater Town

SOLD Price: 20.00

On Orange Paper in Black & Gold Gel Ink






Unique Gifts - Frilly Pooch Thumbnail.


Unique Gifts - Frilly Pooch

Price: 18.00

On Green Paper in Bronze Inks





Unique Gifts - Silver Pig Thumbnail.


Unique Gifts - Silver Pig

Price: 22.00

On Green Paper in silver Inks